Welcome to the project website for fresh development proposals for Pinebanks, Griffin Lane and the Former Langley Preparatory School in Thorpe St Andrew.

Ocubis Ltd, which acts as development manager for the owner, Berliet Ltd, would like to invite you to one of a series of webinars where you can find out more about new residential proposals for up to 725 homes at Pinebanks, Griffin Lane and the more recently acquired former Langley Preparatory School site, which for the purposes of the planning process we are terming Langley North and Langley South.

In line with Government guidance on public events and social distancing, we will be holding the series of live webinars on Zoom. During these events, there will be an opportunity to ask direct questions to members of the development team and provide your feedback, which can also be done on our project website.


  • Up to 725 much needed and thoughtfully designed new homes, in a wide range of unit sizes.
  • A mixture of high-quality affordable homes.
  • Access to Pinebanks and Langley North from Henby Way and Hillcrest Road which is consistent with the previously implemented permission.
  • Access to Langley South from Yarmouth Road.
  • New cycle and pedestrian links throughout the site, as well as from homes to the north of the site to Yarmouth Road.
  • The preservation of the WW2 historical features and the listed tower at Pinebanks.
  • Preservation of the ancient woodland by delivering a long-term management plan.
  • Replacement native species planting, regeneration of ancient semi-natural woodland and careful retention of other mature and veteran trees to substantially improve wildlife habitats.
  • Local employment and training opportunities during construction.

Public Consultation

Thank you to all those who have taken part in our consultation. Your feedback has been recorded and shared with the project team. As part of the design process, we will consider the response to our consultation and look to incorporate, where possible, your suggestions in our final proposals. We look forward to updating local residents as the planning process continues.

You can still find a link to our public presentation here. Alternatively, if you were not able to join one of our live webinars, you can view the recording here.

If you require assistance or have any questions about the plans, please get in touch with Cascade Communications by calling 0808 196 8586 or by sending an email to;